Our Advent gifts

I thought it would be nice this Advent for the girls to work on their “handicraft” skills, which have been very non-existent lately, and at the same time, do something for others in need. In the past, I have made items to donate to a local organization called, Giving Artfully, who in turn, sends the items to specific charities with real needs.  Anyways, I looked them up again to see if there was something we could make to give away and they had quite a few needs listed. So, the girls chose to make scarves and we will give them to homeless children and children on an Indian reservation who are in need.

imageThey started their projects today and had a GREAT time doing it.

imageThey both used the sewing machine to sew up the scarves and they did a great job with it.

imageLouisa was SO proud of that she completed one all by herself! It was very cute to watch and now they are excited to make more. We plan to make about 12 and mail them out before Christmas.

And, of course, J approved of the scarves too.

Julia in scarf 2


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