Birthday Greetings for a Queen

Louisa is studying the Kings of England right now in Year 2. We are currently on Henry VII… don’t know how I feel about introducing her to Henry VIII. Anyways, since we are studying the monarchy, we thought we would send the Queen of England a birthday card for her 90th birthday! I found a cute card for her to color, thanks to this website.


Actually there are a lot of cool activities and resources for the English monarchy on the site-  I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are studying the kings and queens.

Louisa was instructed to write in her neatest writing… I gave her some ideas of what she could say but she wrote it herself and enjoyed it. Anyways, we formally addressed the card to the queen and I took a picture because we both got a kick out of addressing it to “Her Majesty the Queen.”  🙂 I did have to add one more stamp… FYI… in case you want to send your own birthday greetings to Her Majesty. They aren’t formally celebrating until May 12-15 even though her birthday was April 21. By the way, she is the longest reigning monarch!


Probably won’t get a reply but wouldn’t it be sweet if we did?? 🙂



3 thoughts on “Birthday Greetings for a Queen

  1. Thanks for the birthday card idea. It will be belated, but my kiddos will love this. Yea, history, while I love it, I don’t relish introducing my kids the the evils of humanity.


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