Easy Art Projects

My girls had been asking to do more art since I majorly dropped the ball on doing anything hands-on for the past two terms {I am blaming it on pregnancy and shock of twins}. Anyways, the past few weeks we have succeeded in creating some fun and very easy art! I thought I would share them here in case any of you are in a rut and need some ideas. My idea of easy is: basic supplies that we already have on hand and no preparation on my part.

The first one was a Valentine’s Wycinanki and it turned out super cute; I got the idea from this blog post. Thanks to her helpful post, I showed the girls the videos she had posted and then googled Wycinanki so they could get a few more ideas of what they actually were. These are hanging on our windows and the sun shines a perfect amount of light through them!

**Supplies needed for this = paper, tissue paper (or you could use colored construction paper), scissors and tape.

wycinanki 1wycinanki 2

Another  easy one was this peacock drawing… I wouldn’t really call this art but more practice in drawing and using watercolors. Here is the link to the blog page where I found the worksheet to print.

**Supplies needed for this are = a printer (or you could just show the picture from your laptop/iPad), paper, watercolors (or you could use markers/colored pencils), fine point marker for outlining.

peacock 2

We took this step by step and I encouraged the girls to use watercolors even though it is harder to mix the exact color you want. The last part was outlining everything with the fine point marker- I think this really helped to make the peacock stand out.

peacock 1

And the last easy art project was a 3D hand drawing. Here is the page I found (I know, it’s in Spanish but you can have Google translate it for you!).

** Supplies needed for this are = paper,pencil, your hand, and markers (we used Sharpies).

hand illusion 2hand illusion 1

FYI- each of these projects probably took about an hour of concentrated time, but well worth it! 🙂


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