First Week Almost Done!

Well, we may be limping to the finish line… but we are almost done with our first week of the school year! We’re limping because of a stomach bug that made its way through our house, but thankfully, none of the school girls caught it…

Here is our first-day-of-school picture:

Kailyn 8th grade, Louisa 6th grade – Julia and Judah really wanted to show off their fingers and Aleah is considering participating next year… 

We started off the first day pretty awesome and smooth and everyone was glad to get back in the routine of things. The first week of school reminds me of introducing new friends to each other- the girls getting introduced to their new books… I get to watch as they get acquainted with each other over the year and a relationship is formed with each one of the books – some they come to be lifelong friends and lovers of and others they have a healthy respect for but are not someone you would call on for fun or inspiration. 🙂

We celebrated the first day of school with some ice cream!


And then the stomach bug hit and it was amazing the girls got any school done with one parent down either of the next two days but they did good work and we made a big dent in the plans today. I’m so glad the girls know the routine and can work independently, for times like these!

Some things the girls are excited about so far are:

  • Learning about Michelangelo (esp the Sistine Chapel!) Julia is especially curious about the picture study this time around.
  • A brand new Book of Centuries for Louisa!
  • Learning about Architecture for Kailyn!
  • And ALL the kids are loving watching Rachmaninoff performances on YouTube! (This week it’s the Piano Concerto No. 2. )
  • Looking forward to seeing Romeo & Juliet in the fall!

So, we will finish out the week tomorrow and then have a big birthday coming up this weekend but we are trusting that next week will be a much healthier one.


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