Charlotte Mason {in Church}

{ This is the third post in a series about starting a CM program in our Children’s Church. Click here and here to read the other two posts. }


The past six weeks have flown by – probably because I haven’t been doing as much of the teaching as I did in the first six weeks! I do love to watch the kids interact with Scripture and engage in nature study and I am so encouraged by their Scripture memory work! The regular attenders are solid in their memory and the newer kids are really trying!

This past weekend, I decided that our “Nature Study Room” needed some inspiration and color. It’s painted a great shade of aqua but was lacking some excitement. We’ve been hanging up the kid’s finished nature paintings all through the term. I plan to send all the paintings home, in a big envelope, at the beginning of December with an invite to our Christmas Eve service and an encouragement to bring the kids back!


The previous picture shows some of the watercolor decorations that I hung up (the banner and the pictures of animals). I downloaded those from Etsy and printed them and hung them. They add so much to the room. The kids love it, too. Here are some more pics of our Nature Study Room:


And this is our main room where we do everything but paint :


It’s so cool to have the paintings all together. I can’t wait to see what it looks like at the end of the year!

This is what we have read and looked at the last six weeks:

Week 7: Genesis 4; Cain and Abel by Pietro Novelli

Week 8: Matthew 6:5-15, 19-34; The Sermon on the Mount by Carl Bloch

Week 9: Genesis 6:9-7:24; Noah’s Ark by Edward Hicks

Week 10: Matthew 8:5-17; Christ Healing the Sick by H. Hofmann

Week 11: Genesis 8:1-8, 9:12-16; Noah Offers Thanks by Joseph Koch

Week 12: Matthew 9:1-13; Calling of Matthew by Terbrugghen

We have one more week and then Advent starts on December 1st. I have some Advent activities planned to change things up just a bit and will post those next time!




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