Charlotte Mason Reading

Happy New Year!

A new year means new goals and this is one of mine:

I hope to make good progress on my goal of reading through CM’s volumes over the next two years. I have read some or all of five volumes but would like to read them all completely. I need to just keep reading to keep it fresh in my mind, especially as I will be starting Julia in Kindergarten next school year (!).

I’m missing Volume 5 because my husband is reading it!

I have borrowed my schedule from the Idyll Challenge that Art Middlekauf  has put together, but adapted it to my personal preference of order. I will be reading in this order:

  1. Formation of Character (Jan-May 2020)
  2. Ourselves (June-Oct 2020)
  3. School Education (Nov 2020-Feb 2021)
  4. Home Education (Mar-June 2021)
  5. Parents & Children (July-Oct 2021)
  6. Philosophy of Education (Nov 2021-Mar 2022)

Yikes. This is a lot of reading but I am posting here for the accountability. My husband has been participating in the Idyll Challenge with Art and is so faithful to read ALL the pages! I am very impressed that the guys take this on- it’s so much reading!

If you want to read more CM volumes, here are some helpful links to find the actual books:

From Amazon – this links to the legit copy, not the pirated version (Volume 1) OR Here.

Read online for free thanks to the ladies at Ambleside Online.

Happy reading!


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