A letter from the Queen

Yes, we did receive a response from the Queen of England!!! 🙂 I should say, Louisa received a response from the Queen! Remember my post about the letter Louisa sent last year for the Queen’s 90th birthday? Well, look what came in the mail yesterday: img_5099_li img_5100

Louisa was very excited and had a huge smile when I showed her. I was quite surprised and excited myself. I wonder how many letters she received? I think it’s quite impressive that they responded to all of them. I asked Louisa what she was going to do with it and she said she was going to keep it in her special letters box forever.  🙂

By the way, the signature E II R means Elizabeth Regina. She is the second queen Elizabeth of England and Regina means Queen in Latin.


December Happenings

Happy 2017! It’s a new year but I wanted to remember December before moving on, since so much happened! julia-nov-2016


And the biggest thing that happened over the season was we found out that we are expecting twins!!! in March! We are over our initial shock and now in full “get-ready-for-twins” mode. It will be very interesting to see how homeschooling works with twins in the house. I knew it would be hard with a newborn, but two newborns will be a little tricky. We plan to school as long as we can before the babies come and then thankfully, my older girls do great independent work, so I am planning to have them continue on when I don’t need their help as much. If anyone has home schooled while bringing home a newborn or twins into the family, please share your survival tips for me! I will need it!

Circle Time Term 2

We just finished up our exams for Term 1 last Friday so today we started Term 2! It’s always exciting to start a new term because we get to study new things! Some books stay the same, of course, but some do change and our artist & composer changes too!


Today I thought I would share my Circle Time plans for Term 2 :

8:45 Prayer

8:50 Bible Reading (during Advent I am using selected passages)

9:10 Bible memory work (The Nicene Creed & Psalm 8)

9:15 Poetry – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

9:20 Artist Study – John Constable (Mondays)
Copywork (Tuesdays/Thursdays)
Hymn & Folk Song Singing (Wednesdays/Fridays)

9:30 Composer Study – W. A. Mozart (Mondays)
Spanish Lesson (Tuesdays – Fridays)

9:40 Grammar / Dictation (Mondays/Wednesdays)
Shakespeare “As You Like It” (Tuesdays/Thursdays)
Drawing (Fridays)

We are using Simply Charlotte Mason’s Artist Portfolios for our John Constable study. The pictures are beautifully done.









This term, our hymn selections are “O God our Help in Ages Past,” “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence,” and “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” Our folk songs will be randomly chosen from my American Treasury of Songs book.

For our study of W.A. Mozart, I created a playlist of Mozart’s most famous pieces (it’s about 2 hours worth) on my Amazon Prime music library (all free!) that we will slowly listen to over the next 12 weeks. We also listen to the website Classics for Kids on the shows pertaining to Mozart- we do this at lunchtime because the selections are short and sweet.mozart-listening

This website has some free printable pages about Mozart that help the girls stay focused while they are listening to music.

We also will be reading this Opal Wheeler book during our Composer Study time:


We continue to use the Duolingo app on our iPad for our Spanish lessons. It moves pretty fast but the girls are catching on and so far it has worked well. They are able to translate sentences pretty well and their vocab is decent but I’ve noticed that they don’t incorporate many greeting phrases or everyday ways of using Spanish. We will stick with it for at least another term and then reevaluate.

So, these are our Circle Time plans for Term 2, which is the funnest time, because we are doing it all together!