Free Reading list for the girls (combined and in no particular order) for Years 2 & 4:

Amos Fortune, Free Man, Yates
Calico Captive, Speare
The Sign of the Beaver, Speare
Pollyanna, Porter
A Book of Golden Deeds, Yonge
Gentle Ben, Morey
Gone Away Lake, Enright
Return to Gone Away, Enright
Thimble Summer, Enright
The Borrowers, Norton
Bambi, Salten
The Peterkin Papers, Hale
The Railway Children, Nesbitt
Five Children and It, Nesbitt
The Reb and the Redcoats, Savery
Tree of Freedom, Caudill
Lassie Come Home, Knight
Little Britches (series), Moody
Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates
Stuart Little, White
Mary Poppins (the series), Travers
Tanglewood Tales, Hawthorne
A Wonder Book, Hawthorne
Along Came a Dog, DeJong
The Story of Dr. Doolittle, Lofting
Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Atwater
Otto of the Silver Hand, Pyle
Pied Piper of Hamlin, Browning
Brighty of the Grand Canyon, Henry
Chanticleer and the Fox, Cooney
Five Little Peppers and How they Grew, Sidney
Black Beauty, Sewell
The Secret Garden, Burnett
The Chronicles of Narnia (series), Lewis
Johnny Tremain, Forbes
The Twenty-One Balloons, DuBois
The Bears of Blue River, Major
Daniel Boone, James Dougherty
Daniel Boone, Landmark Book
The Wheel on the School, DeJong
The Indian in the Cupboard, Banks
Benjamin Franklin, D’Aulaire
Leif the Lucky, D’Aulaire
Abraham Lincoln, D’Aulaire
The Book of Indians, Holling
The California Gold Rush, Landmark book
Davy Crockett, Landmark book
The Landing of the Pilgrims, Landmark book
The Story of Australia, Landmark book
The Adventures of Ulysses, Landmark book
Great American Heroes, Fiedler
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (unabridged), Carroll
A Girl of the Limberlost, Porter
A Wrinkle in Time, L’Engle
Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, Barrie
Peter Pan and Wendy, Barrie
The Cricket in Times Square, Selden
Little Women, Alcott
Eight Cousins, Alcott
Rose in Bloom, Alcott
A Cry from Egypt, Auer
The Sound of Music, Trapp
Two from Galilee, Holmes
Courage to Run, Lawton
Heidi, Spyri
The Door in the Wall, De Angeli
A Lion to Guard us, Bulla
Impunity Jane, Godden
The Bears on Hemlock Mountain, Dagliesh
Caddie Woodlawn’s Family, Brink
The Winter Cottage, Brink
Teddy’s Button, LeFeuvre
Treasures of the Snow, St. John
The Children’s Book of Heroes, Bennett
Lincoln and His Boys, Wells
Old Mother, West Wind, Burgess
Lightfoot the Deer (and the series), Burgess

I don’t know if this list will be enough for the entire year… they have already made quite a dent. They have already read a ton of classic children’s books so these are mostly all books they haven’t read before. **UPDATE: They read through the list, so the following is what I have added to their list and whatthey have added to their list:

Adam of the Road, Elizabeth Gray
Anne of Green Gables (series), L.M.Montgomery
The Island Stallion, W. Farley
Benjamin West and His Cat, Grimalkin, Marguerite Henry
The City Jungle, F. Salten
Fifteen Rabbits, F. Salten
Bambi, F. Salten
Bambi’s Children, F. Salten
Djibi, F. Salten
(any other book by Salten… they love them!!)
Big Red, Jim Kjelgaard
Irish Red, Jim Kjelgaard
Outlaw Red, Jim Kjelgaard
Rabbit Hill, Robert Lawson
The Borrowers (series), M. Norton
The Martha Years (Little House books), Melissa Wiley
The Charlotte Years (Little House books), Melissa Wiley
The Caroline Years (Little House books), Maria Wilkes & Celia Wilkins
The Growly Books (series), Erin Ulrich & Philip Ulrich
Rascal, S. North
Jo’s Boys, Alcott
The Cottage at Bantry Bay, van Stockum
The Winter at Valley Forge, Landmark book
Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Baum
The Matchlock Gun, Edmonds
The Green Ember, S.D. Smith
Roverandom, JRR Tolkien
Call of the Wild, Jack London